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Taking Stock of Your Teamís Culture

Posted by: Paul Silvio, Vice President, Alexander Technology Group 
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This time of year is an excellent opportunity for leaders to take stock of your team’s culture. Culture can be somewhat hard to define but we all know a good (or bad) team culture when we see it. Culture change can move slowly but make no mistake about it: As a leader you influence your team culture every day – sometimes even unknowingly. 


Why Now?

The start of the new year is a time to reflect on the successes and challenges of the previous year, and set goals and expectations for the coming year. How will you monitor progress? How often will you check the status? Will you set specific monthly or quarterly check ins or just sit down with individuals as needed? Will you use a consistent format when reviewing progress or will it vary from person to person? Even these simple questions will start to define your team culture.


Define Your Culture – and Work Toward It

As a leader, you impact the culture by setting the example of the culture you want every day. What is your culture today? Many will say, “Work Hard Play Hard”. Is it accurate? Do you embody the culture? What characteristics of your current culture do you want to reinforce and what might you want to change? 


Keep Culture in Mind When Hiring

As you plan your staffing needs for the coming year, you should also be considering the impact of your future hires on your team’s culture. With every person that leaves your team or joins your team your culture will change in some way. As you're interviewing candidates, always ask yourself, "How do I see this new hire impacting our culture?"

You and your team will know it when your culture is strong and effective, but be mindful that it's evolving every day. Continue to work toward your culture goals and make strengthening your culture a top priority throughout the year.


Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2017!