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Workplace committees: supporting your ambitious employees

Workplace Committees: Supporting Your Ambitious Employees

Employees crave a workplace that is inclusive, diverse, socially and community committed, and encourages both personal and professional development. For many, having a career is about more than just punching a time-card, and fortunately for these driven employees,...

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The big spend: rethinking hiring costs

The Big Spend: Rethinking Hiring Costs

What’s the cost of attracting talent? It’s a common question among employers that seems to have endless answers. In my eighteen years of professional staffing, I have spoken to countless companies who were confident in their expertise on how they attract candidates –...

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Contingent vs. Retained

Contingent Vs. Retained

If you’re considering branching out to a third-party staffing agency to assist your in-house hiring efforts, you’ll likely be tasked with the question of “What type of search to use?”, and “A retained search or a contingent search?” But if you’ve never worked with a...

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Job search advice for the recent graduate

Job Search Advice for the Recent Graduate

As we celebrate another season of college graduations, employers are preparing for the influx of applications from recent graduates to reach their hiring managers. With the candidate pool saturated by fresh talent, employers are also planning to be more particular...

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Economical staffing

Economical Staffing

These days it seems like every other news article and LinkedIn post is concerning a possible recession. It’s not our place to comment on whether a recession will happen or not, but regardless of the possibility, it’s the savvy businessperson that acknowledges that the...

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Counteroffers: 3 important things to consider

Counteroffers: 3 Important Things to Consider

​You’ve done it. You’ve hunted, interviewed and now you’re considering accepting a new position with a new employer. Many employees, whether seeking new employment or not, are being contacted by corporate recruiters who are looking to fill open roles with high-quality...

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Workforce retention simplified

Workforce Retention Simplified

Cultivating a high-performance team is the goal of every hiring manager, and there are a lot of components that factor into workforce retention once a team has been assembled. After spending time, money, and resources on developing and training a winning workforce,...

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Helpful tips on how to get an offer accepted

Helpful Tips on How to Get an Offer Accepted

When I entered the staffing world in 2004, I had no prior experience in specialized recruiting, nor prior experience working through an offer phase.  Fortunately, most of my career in recruiting has ended up on the positive side – offer out, offer accepted.  However,...

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3 rules for managing work-life balance

3 Rules for Managing Work-Life Balance

When there are only 168 hours in a week, and 40 of those hours are dedicated to your career, that leaves only 72 waking hours per week, once sleep has been factored, for free time. We often find ourselves left with the question of where to find a balance with it all....

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7 tips for an improved interview experience

7 Tips for an Improved Interview Experience

It’s no secret. Employees are on the move. With intimidating terms like “The Great Resignation” floating around, the need to attract and retain key talent is more critical to an organization’s success than ever, and getting those people in the door starts with a great...

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