Employer Resources

The Nagler Group team has compiled useful articles for our employer partners, filled with tips, advice, and best practices to help you streamline the search process and find the right candidate for your needs.

The big spend: rethinking hiring costs

The Big Spend: Rethinking Hiring Costs

What’s the cost of attracting talent? It’s a common question among employers that seems to have endless answers. In my eighteen years of...

Contingent vs. Retained

Contingent Vs. Retained

If you’re considering branching out to a third-party staffing agency to assist your in-house hiring efforts, you’ll likely be tasked with the...

Economical staffing

Economical Staffing

These days it seems like every other news article and LinkedIn post is concerning a possible recession. It’s not our place to comment on whether a...

Workforce retention simplified

Workforce Retention Simplified

Cultivating a high-performance team is the goal of every hiring manager, and there are a lot of components that factor into workforce retention once...

What if the new hire doesn’t work?

What if the New Hire Doesn’t Work?

What if the New Hire Doesn’t Work Out? It’s a valid and frequent concern when hiring any new employee, and more so when working with a staffing and...

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