Are There Online Courses to Help Me Become a Legal Assistant in NH?

Dec 18, 2021

Posted by: Gary Wing, Managing Partner, BANKW Staffing

If you want to become a legal assistant in New Hampshire, you’re in good company. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 1,140 legal assistants worked in New Hampshire in 2019. Typical employers are private law firms, corporate law offices, and governmental entities. Although New Hampshire law does not set minimum educational or training requirements for prospective legal assistants, most hiring attorneys and firms prefer some formal education. For this reason, you should consider taking online courses to become a legal assistant in New Hampshire.

How to Become a Legal Assistant 

Legal assistant programs range from certificate programs to master’s degree programs in legal assistant studies. Certificate programs have few general education requirements and offer specialized focus on legal assistant studies. Many programs require a bachelor’s degree in any field. Degree programs combine legal assistant coursework with fundamentals of higher education. Schools that offer legal assistant programs include New Hampshire Technical Institute, Nashua Community College, and Franklin Pierce University. Many courses are offered online to provide scheduling flexibility.

Program Information 

Legal assistant courses train you on fundamental legal concepts and law firm practices to assist lawyers in legal offices. You learn to prepare documents, gather information, and complete other tasks under the supervision of a lawyer. Some courses cover specialty topics like real estate, contracts or criminal law. The majority of online courses lead to a degree in legal assisting at the associate’s or bachelor’s level. Shorter programs at the certificate level exist for individuals with a degree. Some online courses provide preparation for voluntary certification exams.

Online Courses   

There are a variety of online courses in legal assisting offered in New Hampshire. For instance, Introduction to the Legal System and Legal Assistantship provides an overview of the American legal system, court structure, and litigation process. The course discusses legal terminology, evidence rules, interviewing skills and legal analysis. You learn about the differences between substantive laws, which apply to the people, and procedural laws, which apply to the courts. You may learn about law office administration, as well. Legal Research and Writing explores the various types of legal documents and teaches you to draft them.

Coursework covers pleadings, motions, orders, depositions and an overview of court procedures and timing. The course provides guidance on the analysis of legal precedents and documents. You learn to use a variety of online and book-based legal research tools. Professional and Ethical Responsibility discusses the ethical responsibilities and regulations governing paralegals. The course highlights the theoretical and practical applications of ethical and professional responsibilities. You examine confidentiality, attorney-client privilege, advertising, malpractice and conflicts of interest.

Find Your Legal Assistant Job 

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