The Benefits of Working with The Nagler Group

If you’re on a job assignment as a Nagler Group contractor, then you’re a member of the team!  That means you are eligible to take advantage of special employee benefits we offer.

Staffing Benefits

Eligible contract employees of The Nagler Group receive…

  • Holiday Pay
  • Medical Benefits
  • 401k Plan
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Free Job Training
  • Corporate Discount Program

Holiday Pay

You may be eligible to earn holiday pay if you are a current employee on assignment and have worked over 1,000 hours in the prior 52-week period. Time worked is calculated at 8 hours of your current pay rate, and these hours do not count toward your weekly overtime total.

  • For example: 35 hours of regular time and 8 hours of holiday pay equate to 43 hours of regular pay; not 40 hours of regular pay and 3 hours of overtime pay.

Holidays include: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Medical Benefits

You are eligible to participate in our Medical Plan if you are considered to be a “full-time,” common law employee of our parent corporation, BANKW Staffing, LLC (the “Company”), or any of its subsidiary companies, including: KBW Financial Staffing & Recruiting, Alexander Technology Group, The Nagler Group, Sales Search Partners, and/or KNF&T Staffing Resources (together with the Company, the “Companies”). 

Please review the procedures described in our Eligibility Policy for Contract Employees, or contact our Human Resources team for more details.

401k Plan

We offer a 401k plan in which eligible employees can participate. For details, please see our Summary Plan Description, which is available upon request from KBW Financial Staffing & Recruiting’s Human Resources

Paid Sick Leave

Contract employees who are employed to work in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may accrue and use up to forty (40) hours of paid sick leave per calendar year, in increments of no less than one (1) hour.

Free Job Training

The Nagler Group’s state-of-the-art e-Learning software system is a valuable training resource for any job candidate. We encourage all our contractors to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your current skills, learn new ones, and boost both your confidence and your prospects. The e-Learning software system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This e-learning platform is available through request only and offers detailed tutorials and testing on a variety of workplace skills, including but not limited to Microsoft Suite products, data entry and typing. Please contact our administrative team at to learn more and request access to the e-learning platform.

Corporate Discount Program

Affiliates of the BANKW Staffing companies can take advantage of a variety of corporate discounts. See below for a list of benefits broken down by category.

Dress for Success

• 10% off entire purchase if you schedule an appointment with a personal shopper before shopping
• Enroll to receive special discounts via email

Premium Outlets – Merrimack, NH & Kittery, ME
• Sign up for VIP Membership
• Receive notifications for special corporate events or friends and family deals
• Coupon Book complimentary

Lifelong Learning

University of New Hampshire
• 15% tuition discount on open enrollment on executive development programs
• When enrolling, enter the code BANKW to apply the discount

Southern New Hampshire University
• 10% tuition reduction, and waiver of the application fee for the graduate program only, for eligible employees, clients and immediate family members (spouses, domestic partners, parents, siblings and children) on Southern New Hampshire University’s College of Online and Continuing Education.
• Identify BANKW Staffing on application form

Personal Style

Studio 90 on Fleet
• 10% of all products
• 15% of hair, nail, waxing, facial services
• Mention an affiliation with BANKW Staffing to receive the discount

The Green Tangerine – Burlington, MA
• 10% off ALL services and 15% off all retail items
• Mention an affiliation with BANKW Staffing to receive the discount


Liberty Mutual
• Exclusive Discount (up to 10% off on auto insurance and 5% off on home insurance
• New to Liberty Mutual Vehicle Discount
• Multi-Policy Discount
• Contact Sean Kelly for a free quote and mention an affiliation with BANKW Staffing, (603) 583-3275

Pet Pawlicy
• Visit
• Enter our employer code/name:
• BANKW Staffing
• 10%* discount to each pet you add is automatically built into the employer code
• Enter your pet’s information and choose a plan; basic, recommended, premier or customize
• Reimbursable Vet expense coverage options: $2,500 to unlimited
• Deductible options: $100 to $2,500 (one deductible must be met per policy year).
• Reimbursement: 70%, 80% or 90%
• Prices will automatically adjust according to the amount of coverage you choose, i.e. deductible, yearly payout, and reimbursement amount
• Payment plan options include monthly, quarterly, annually and are pay by credit card (to pay by check contact your local rep to place order).
• Complete information regarding this policy can be found here


Boston Sports Club
• Monthly cost for Downtown Crossing only (not all BSC’s) is $44.99/mo
• Monthly cost for all Boston BSC’s aka the Passport option, is $59.99/mo
• Annual fee for both options is $59.99

If interested, please contact Tionne Talbot, Corporate Account Manager at 617.695.9944

Rhonda’s Full Circle Training

  • Eight 30-minute Virtual Personal Training sessions for $300 (original price $360)
  • Mention BANKW Staffing when you reach out. Contact Rhonda at 603-321-8352