Four Reasons You and That New Hire Aren’t a Good Match

Feb 13, 2020

Posted by: Maura Mann, Vice President, The Nagler Group

Maura mannIf a new hire and you aren’t a good match, odds are they won’t last long on your team. If their skills, experience, personality or attitude aren’t what they need to be successful in a role or with your company, they won’t last long-term. Your new hire and you need to trust and respect each other to be successful. Otherwise, you’ll have ongoing productivity and performance issues that bring down your team.  

Here are four reasons why your new hire and you may not be a good match.  

The New Hire Is Arrogant 

Your new hire may believe they know everything and can do it all on their own. Rather than finding out which strengths each teammate has to offer to help the team succeed, they come across as an expert on everything. Instead of becoming proficient at their job and meeting or exceeding expectations, the new hire talks about moving up in the organization. This gives the impression that their career matters more than the team, and they’ll do whatever they need to get ahead.   

The New Hire Won’t Work Beyond the Job Description 

Your new hire might refuse to perform any work, not in their job description. They put in minimum effort to receive a paycheck. The new hire shows a lack of commitment to building a mutually beneficial partnership with you and the team. They don’t care if they meet expectations or you’re satisfied with their performance. The new hire can’t be relied on to come in early, stay late or take on additional tasks when needed. They aren’t interested in adding to their skill set or experience level.   

The New Hire Repeats Mistakes 

Your new hire could make the same mistakes over and over again. Instead of learning and doing better next time, they continue making the same errors without regard for the consequences. Perhaps the new hire doesn’t have the skills, experience, and qualifications you thought they did. Maybe they didn’t clearly understand the responsibilities of the role to produce desired results. The new hire may be averse to change and unwilling to adapt their method for approaching tasks. No matter the reason, not producing according to plan is a significant problem for your team.   

The New Hire Takes Off Too Often 

Perhaps your new hire doesn’t show up on time, leaves early, or often calls to say they can’t come to work. This gives the impression that their time is more valuable than others’ and that their job isn’t as important as other interests. Having an unreliable new hire affects your team’s productivity. When teammates have to cover for unexpected absences, they have less time to finish their tasks. Team members may end up working through lunch or staying late to get everything done.  

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