Four Things to Look for When Building a Championship-Level Team

Mar 11, 2021

Posted by: Maura Mann, Vice President, The Nagler Group & KNF&T Staffing Resources

Maura mannAs a leader, you want to be part of a championship-level team. You want your team to be committed to reaching company goals and doing what it takes to get ahead in their careers. If you aren’t already part of such a team, you can take steps to create one. Here are four things to focus on when building a championship-level team.    

Common Goals  

A championship team shares common business goals. Each team member understands their role in attaining these goals. Whether collaborating on a team project or completing job responsibilities to sustain business operations, teammates remain focused on doing their part to contribute to the organization’s success. They understand that their roles are complementary. Fulfilling individual responsibilities leads to the team’s and organization’s success. As a result, each team member and their position feel valued and respected.       


A championship team commits to attaining their objectives. They put in the time and effort necessary to complete what they set out to do. Whether coming in early, staying late, taking on additional responsibilities, or participating in extra training sessions, team members do what it takes to reach their goals. They individually and collaboratively work to overcome obstacles and learn from their mistakes to reach desirable outcomes. Teammates make the company mission their own and perform accordingly. They hold themselves and others accountable for their actions and results. Team members understand their decisions affect the entire organization and act in the company’s best interest.    


A championship team openly communicates. They brainstorm, develop, and implement ideas to move the company forward. Team members discuss the best way to approach a project, assign roles based on strengths, and regularly share their progress. They measure success, alter course when needed, and celebrate milestones. Teammates give and receive constructive feedback, resolve conflicts, and focus on successfully reaching the end result. They show respect, trust, and empathy for each other.        


A visionary coach leads a championship team. They play a critical role in developing and monitoring all aspects of the team. The coach helps their team reach business goals, remain committed to the team’s success, and communicate with each other. They help resolve conflicts, promote team cohesion, and provide constructive feedback to improve performance. The coach creates a productive environment for the team to perform to their full potential.       

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