Uncertain Times Call for Temporary Employees

Sep 6, 2022

Posted by: Andrew Sterling, Managing Director, The Nagler Group

A. Sterling headshotIn recent years it’s been proven over and over that a lot can change in a three-to-six-month timeframe. Despite multiple years of unilaterally prosperous times, here we are, facing the threat of a recession. If you haven’t noticed on your LinkedIn feeds by now, there are increasingly frequent examples of layoffs, rescinded offers and reduced budget for future headcount.

However, through all the doom and gloom, we still have historically low unemployment rates and what would normally be a boon turns into a curse when everyone is seeking talent to fill gaps in their teams in the wake of “the Great Resignation.”

This dilemma begs the question of what should you, as an employer, do in times of uncertainty? Presumably, you still have innumerable projects and problems to solve. You must be so excited about adding yet another hat on top of your head! Sarcasm aside, this is an exact instance where the value of contract or temporary employees can really make the difference between smooth sailing or sinking when market shifts become more difficult to predict.

Timing is Everything 

When uncertain times arise, I can note a significant uptick in calls from concerned business owners and hiring managers. The calls range from temporary employee requests seeking week-long coverages for pressing projects, to open-ended long-term bridge solutions that can last well over a year. The reasons for these needs can certainly vary as people may be going out on a leave, receiving internal promotions, attrition/turnover, or just general staff additions because of a new contract or uptick in sales.  Regardless of the reason, this increase in calls can often be attributed to unexpected shifts in the economy and the resulting panic that employers must prepare to offset.

When these instances occur, timing is everything. Sudden shifts in the workforce can result in burnt-out employees who are trying to compensate for their absent team member(s), and possible revenue loss if production falls by the wayside. Finding replacement staff becomes an urgent need, and as a hiring manager or business owner, you’ve undoubtedly got your hands full. What better time to partner with a professional staffing agency than when you’re too busy to facilitate the hiring process yourself?

Temporary Employees, Immediate Solutions 

The question you will need to answer, in your unique situation at work is, what is the cost of reduced productivity as it relates to the vacancy you now have? Perhaps you and your staff can handle the added workload for now but ask yourself what aspects of your business could suffer as a result. The “suffering” might not be entirely visible at work if it occurs outside of it. Consider if this challenge can result in the over-working of tenured staff and lead to future attrition. Avoiding further turnover when you’re already managing staff losses can be critical in retaining your organization’s productivity.

In these situations, it’s best to think long-term while planning to act as swiftly as possible to remedy the issue. Let’s say you are replacing someone and you are preparing to backfill their position with another permanent employee. The competitiveness of the market has continued, despite the uncertainty with the current economic outlook, and realistically your candidate pipeline could be dried up in an instant. That role you thought could be filled in less than 30 days, starts to push past 45, 60, 90, and so on. An open role on the market for that long is a red flag to applicants and could deter top talent from considering your position.

But what if you had made the decision to pair with a staffing agency to put in an interim resource from the start?  You could:

  • Save yourself time from having to do many of the tactical items you could easily delegate to a contract resource.
  • Give yourself some breathing room to do a more thorough and thoughtful search without having burnout and production on your mind.
  • Find a diamond in the rough employee who just needed a foot in the door! We have seen MANY success stories that start like this! You can offer a temporary employee a permanent position at any time during a contract and your agency representative will help facilitate this transition.
  • Build a case, with the results from the temporary employee, to hire more than one person after reviewing your team’s workload.
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Regardless of what originated your hiring needs, it’s evident that when a company finds itself hiring in uncertain times, there’s not a moment to lose when bringing on temporary employees to keep business running as usual. As a business owner or hiring manager, you’ve already got your plate full of other tasks and the unexpected staffing need can be an easy responsibility to pass off to your staffing agency representative.

A temporary resource can fill the gap in your workforce and keep operations running smoothly, and your tenured employees satisfied with their work-life balance. With an average of 77% of employees reporting burnout fatigue, it’s a serious issue that employers should take every precaution to avoid. In uncertain times, keeping attrition at a low is a must for businesses to remain productive. BANKW Staffing is prepared to place a variety of skilled temporary employees into a wide range of roles to help every business achieve its staffing goals.

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