How to Set the Stage for a Better Work Environment

Nov 27, 2021

Posted by: Matt Nagler, Managing Partner, BANKW Staffing

Kbwfinancial team matt naglerPart of creating a desirable work environment involves setting the proper tone. Since their environment heavily influences teammates’ motivation, you want to create as pleasing an atmosphere as possible. Your team will be more creative, productive, and loyal as a result.

Follow these guidelines to set the stage for a better work environment.

Communicate Clearly

Develop clear communication with your team. Members need to understand what you’d like them to accomplish. Similarly, you need to know what they expect from you. Be direct with each other. Talk about issues as they occur. Work to resolve them as quickly as possible. Remain transparent with changes and developments. Keep your team as informed as possible, so they know what’s going on with the organization.

Encourage Ideas

Let your teammates voice ideas. Encourage everyone to develop ideas during weekly meetings. Team members can learn from each other and come up with new ideas. Implement them whenever possible.

Acknowledge Contributions

Let your team know you value their contributions. Recognize members for finishing projects on time. Acknowledge teammates who go above and beyond what’s asked of them. Mention the latest accomplishments during staff meetings. Provide rewards for a job well done. Show that your team’s contributions benefit the organization.

Develop Trust

Show your team that you trust them. Provide guidance and resources for projects; then, let them proceed. Periodically check-in to see how work is progressing. Be available to answer questions and offer help as needed.

Lead by Example

Set the tone for your team. Maintain a positive attitude. Smile. Be approachable. Encourage your team members. Listen to their needs. See how they’re doing personally. Offer to help when possible.

Promote Accountability

Hold your team accountable for their actions. Everyone needs to follow through and fulfill expectations. They need to meet or exceed performance standards. Consistency is one key to success.

Express Gratitude

Show gratitude for your team. Begin each meeting with 15 minutes of expressing appreciation for each member. Mention one specific action they took during the previous week that meant a lot to you as their leader. Remind your teammates how proud you are to work with them.

Have Fun

Let your team have fun. Encourage them to decorate their workspaces to show their personalities. Have contests for the best-decorated desk. Encourage your team members to take breaks throughout each day. Happy teammates are more productive.

Create a Better Work Environment

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